The Company

  • Walt was frustrated and tired of the lack of trail information and dated content of the USGS quads in the late 1960's.  So ever the problem solver (after all he'd done it for Boeing during the design, development, and deployment of the 747 and the first Lunar Lander, in the 1950's and 1960's) Walt founded Green Trails Maps in 1973.
  • Since becoming the first publisher of high-quality recreational topographical maps for Washington State, Green Trails, Inc., now publishes more than 150 titles for the most spectacular mountain, beach, and desert areas of the West. Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah in addition to Washington are ALL on the Green Trails Map so to speak.
  • The company's latest nearly 50 Gold Standard Editions are ALL  solar powered, ultralight, waterproof, and unbreakable printed on Polyart, folded to user convenient size to provide trail users and those planning or remember trips the most accurate and durable maps available.
  • All new maps are printed in multicolor on both sides to cover more terrain more clearly and in more user-friendly detail thus providing map users with maximum long lasting value.
  • Green Trails Maps and Mountaineers Books combined forces to deliver you the most current road and trail access information to the many spectacular places in our National Forests, National Parks, and many other public lands all over the West wherever and whenever you want.
  • The partners, combined, have been the favorites of hikers, climbers, cross-country skiers, horseback riders, hunters, anglers, mountain bikers, and search and rescue groups for OVER 100 years!!
  • Green Trails Maps and Mountaineers Books are the most recommended by the most venerable and respected regional hiking and climbing guides.
  • Arizona's Sedona-Red Rock Country , Flagstaff, Superstition Wilderness, Santa Catalina and more
  • California's Central Coast from Marin County to Big Sur and more coming!
  • Nevada's Spring Mountains, Valley of Fire, and Lake Meade and more coming!
  • Oregon's Cascade and Coast Ranges and ocean beaches and more coming!
  • And now Utah's Wasatch Mountains front and back. And more coming!
  • Washington's Cascade and Olympic Mountains and Ocean Beaches; Think Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Olympus and Hurricane Ridge and more coming!
  • And don't forget to tell us what  and where you would like mapped next !
  • Green Trails deploys "Boots on the Ground" mapping teams to determine the latest trail and trail access conditions, routes, distances, and elevations.  Professional U.S. cartographers use this information to revise and update the each map title. We generally each title prior to the printing of each new edition. 
  • Each new edition is reviewed by local guide book authors and resource agency trail coordinators
  • ALL Green Trails Maps are printed in the USA.
  • Look for the latest map title publication date as the map information may have changed. Keeping the content as current as possible maintains our commitment to you and these places,"We love these places."

"The Green Trails mission is to help you plan, enjoy, and remember unforgettable adventures while exploring the  huge recreational opportunities of our National Forests, National Parks, public lands and ocean beaches of the West. We want all to value, honor, respect, use and love these precious and fragile resources."

Remember, "Take nothing but fond memories.  Leave nothing but your gentle foot prints."

And don't forget to tell us where you would like us to map next!!