Compass GTM  


The Scenario:
  • You are descending Mt. Olympus(NO133S) in a white-out.
  • The wands you placed on the way up are nowhere to be seen.
  • What direction should you go from the plateau on Snow Dome to avoid Panic Peak and get to ridge above Glacier Meadows Camp?

  • Place the edge of the compass along the route you want to take.
  • Make sure the big arrow points in the direction you want to go.
  • Rotate the bezel on the compass so that the red lines under the needle point to MAGNETIC NORTH.  (Use the declination diagram to find MN from TN.)
  • Holding the compass in your hand, with the big arrow pointing away from you
  • Turn your body (not just your hand) so that the magnetic needle is in the red arrow on the bezel.  Put “Red Fred in the Shed.”
  • You are now facing the “way to go.”


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