What folks say about Green Trails Maps:

Mark writes:  "The Green Trails Maps strike the perfect balance between size, scale, and detail. I'd like to use them instead of the larger and older USGS 1:24000 maps."

Ian of Seattle writes Thanks for making some really neat maps. The detail, scale, and overall accuracy are much better suited for hiking than anything else I've found.

Lorlei of Mount Vernon WA. writes...
Green Trails Maps are the best. I have to use them to find trails. My first Green Trails Map was #109 and #110. I bought them because my friend and I hiked up to Three fingers lookout and we used the maps to find the trail. The maps were much more accurate than the hiking book we were reading. Now whenever I go on a hike I buy the Green Trails Map that has the trail on it.

In writing about the "Tiger Mountain," map 204S, Ginny of Renton says in her report to Pack and Paddle: "That map is indispensible, showing each and every little trail we took -- and there were plenty."

Another customer says: "Have found the Green Trails maps the best ones for Issaquah Alps, they are accurate and help with decision making on routes that are not always well marked."

A customer who has moved away from the state and misses our maps writes: "My wife and I love your maps. To us, packing the appropriate Green Trails Map for the area that we will be hiking is almost as important as packing our tent."

Finally, a customer who was writing to suggest a change in a trail that he had hiked, said of the Tiger Mountain map: "This is the best map of this area I have ever used. The DNR map (1994) and USGS maps (1993) for this area were hopelessly out of date even five years ago."


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